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We carry a good range of practical air rifles, and a few are pictured here - all at very competitive prices. 
Each of these rifles offer different attributes and advantages. 
Visit us and check them out!
HATSAN 1250 .177cal.  Made in Turkey A very powerful break-action air-rifle with synthetic stock. Velocity advertised at 1250 ft/sec which is the practical maximum for a .177cal break-action airgun.
KRAL MAGNUM. Straight forward break-action rifle with a synthetic stock. Made  in Turkey .177cal.
Many more air rifles in stock - all are great buying!!!
Add a 4x32 'scope for $85 and/or a Gunbag for $20.00
Add a 4x32 Airking for $100 and/or a Gunbag for $20.00!
HATSAN "Striker" .177 Cal Break barrel Air Rifle.
Features : Nikko Stirling 4x32 MountMaster Scope
Synthetic Stock with Non-Slip inserts
Tru - Glow Sights
1000 Feet Per Second
PUMA "Mako" .177 Cal Break barrel Air Rifle.
Great junior rifle doing 574 feet per second.
Comes with a Nikko Stirling 4x32 Scope.
Our Price Only

NEW IN STOCK - CROSSMAN TR77 Tactical Air rifle
.177cal 1000-1200 ft/sec ONLY $299.00!!
Impressive to hold and shoot
Call into the shop and just HOLD one of these new Crossmans - we think You will agree the 'Pistol Grip' stock is much more comfortable to hold than 'regular' airgun stocks and because the rifle is is better supported it is easier to shoot accurately..