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Lee PaceSetter Dies include the exclusive Lee Factory Crimp Die to produce factory-like ammunition with improved utility and accuracy. The die set also includes a conventional bullet seater and roll crimper. You can choose the type of crimp you desire. They also include a shell holder, powder dipper, load data and are packed in the nicest storage box ever designed.  Most of these extras are unavailable at any price from other suppliers.  Every die comes with a written lifetime warranty, 2 year guarantee and guarantee of accuracy or your money back!
Deluxe Series also available
There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than Lee Collet Dies. No one but Lee has ever dared make a guarantee like this  -- Smallest group size or your money back. A collet squeezes the case neck against a precision mandrel for a perfect fit with minimum run-out. No lube case is needed. Cases last ten times longer, so the savings on only 35 cases will pay for the dies. Maximum accuracy is usually achieved by seating the bullet out far enough to touch or almost touch the rifling. This provides the shot start pressure normally supplied by the crimp. That's why a dead length bullet seater is included to complete the most accurate reloading system ever made. These dies size only the neck to preserve the perfect fit of fire forming. Only reload cases that have been fired in your gun. Not recommended for autoloaders, slide or lever action guns.
Deluxe Series also available
Compare to other brands costing twice as much and you`ll recognize what a fantastic bargain Lee RGB Series Dies are. We offer these only to show that when you buy Lee Dies without all the extras Lee customers have come to expect, the price is significantly lower, yet the quality is the best. Our tolerance is 50% less than the advertised amount of a popular and expensive brand. Lee Precision guarantees these dies are better than any other brand