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SAIGA "A" cat semi-automatic sporting rifle - for hunting and target practice.. BRAND NEW - WITH 1 x 7round magazine
RECENTLY RECEIVED-Limited quantities only  PRICE $775!!
SAIGA sporting firearms are manufactured in Russia by the firm 'KALASHNIKOV CONCERN' - a merger between Izhmash and Izhmekh. The company also builds Kalashnikov rifles for the Russian military and export. Many years ago Mikhail Kalashnikov worked at the factory and SAIGA rifles retain a number of the rugged features of the original  AK-47 assault rifle. 

A word concerning the possible future of 'A' cat semi-automatic rifles.
*  The original intent of the 1992 Arms Amendment Bill was to severely restrict possession of semi-   automatic rifles that had a high rate of fire and were attractive to particular people.  Similar laws were enacted in a number of countries at around the same time.
*   Arms laws are generally 'toughened up' as a result of either (a) - a number of illegal shooting incidents, or (b) - a Politician or high ranking Police Officer believing certain firearms 'should not be available to the public' Such situations could occur anywhere in the world - but still effect our laws.
*   The current international situation is now focusing world attention on the availability of firearms patterned after military weapons and/or other firearms capable of a high rate of fire.
*   It follows that there could be changes to our laws and possession of firearms such as the SAIGA could be further restricted.
*   For many years the possession of particular firearms by New Zealand's Responsible Firearms Community has depended on the actions of others, and right now the possession of semi-automatic rifles such as these 'A Cat Semi-auto Sporting Rifles' is in the hands of various international terrorist groups. 
*   The Responsible NZ Firearms Community should consider how to deal with this situation BEFORE an incident triggers law changes.
Please note that firearms and parts exported to NZ from many other countries cannot be re-exported to ANY other country without written approval from both Governments - ie the supplying country and NZ .