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Jarvis Walker "Mirage" 8ft G.P 2pc Combo
2 Piece
Hollow Glass
Rated 5-10kg
Cast Weight 20-70gm
Ceramic Guides

Jarvis Walker
Model Mirage EA 700
Ball Bearing
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Line Capacity 200yds 20lb
Oversize Line Roller
Stainless Steel Main Shaft
Left or Right Hand Wind
Complete With Line
(Also avalible in 6ft 6" and 10ft models)
ONLY $49.00!!
This is just a very small idea of the great range of fishing gear we stock come on in and see for yourself
Stainless steel hook remover over all length : 270mm
ONLY $15.00
Jarvis Walker EA850 Reel
Do you want a basic reel that is inexpensive, reliable, easy to use, big enough for fishing in the surf or on a boat that comes with the line already on it? Then this Jarvis Walker Mirage 950 is a real winner for you. It is well built, reliable strong and great for surf, beach, rock or boat fishing.
RRP $49.99
Our Price Only $29.90
Anglers Mate Filleting Glove
Stainless Steel Filleting glove
Only $19.90
Jarvis Walker Nexium Gold Reels
Go for Nexium Gold if you want a reliable reel for everyday fishing. Each reel has a three ball bearing system, infinite anti-reverse, graphite body and rotor, aluminium drilled spool, stainless steel main shaft, thick bail wire, brass pinion gear and folding handle with soft touch rubber knob.
With a wide gap and an offset inward curved point, these hooks will get a
better penetration when the fish bites.

This is truly an all round pack of hooks, specially selected and packed for catching
Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai, Gurnard, Hapuka, Trevally, Mackerel, Cod, Tuna and
many other popular fish species.
Kit contains 30x1/0, 20x4/0, 20x5/0, 10x6/0 and 10x8/0 hooks.
Our Price Only
Kilwell Flasher Rigs
Flasher rigs from 1/0 up to 5/0.
From Only
$4.50 or buy any 4 for $20
Kilwell Monofilament Fishing Line
A Range of strengths available from 6lb through to 40lb
Our Price Only