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The latest practical development in consumer air rifle design is the  'Gas Ram' system. Gas Ram airguns do not have a big main-spring to compress and throw the gun off target when released (fired) Instead they have a gas filled piston that looks like a car boot strut. The result is more relative power, smoother and easier cocking, more accuracy, longer life and good compatability with rifle 'scopes. This system has been used in high-end air rifles since the 1980s but is now available in some regular air rifle types. It's the biggest advance in airgun design since the rubber 'o' ring replaced leather seals!! 
Many more air rifles in stock - all are great buying!!!

Call into the shop and just HOLD one of these new Crossman Benjamin rifles - we think You will agree the 'Pistol Grip' stock is much more comfortable to hold than old - style 'regular' airgun stocks and because the modern 'pistol-grip' rifle is is better supported it is easier to shoot accurately..
BENJAMIN TITAN NP with Wood Stock.
'Nitro Piston'
Gas Ram delivers up to 1200ft/sec with alloy pellets - 1000ft/sec with lead pellets.
Adjustable trigger and 4x32 Centrepoint 'scope.
BENJAMIN TITAN X5 with Synthetic Stock.
'Nitro Piston'
Gas Ram .177cal rifle delivers up to 1200ft/sec with alloy pellets - 1000ft/sec with lead pellets. Has Adjustable trigger and 3-9x32 Centrepoint 'scope.
The .177cal 'Legacy Jim Shockey Signature' NITRO PISTON (Gas Ram) rifle delivers up to 1200 Ft/Sec (Alloy Pellet) and 1000Ft/Sec (Lead Pellet) with reduced sound and recoil. It has an adjustable cheek piece as well as an adjustable trigger and a 3x9x40  Centrepoint scope with AO.
The  "Legacy Jim Shockey Signature Series" NITRO PISTON (Gas Ram) air rifle - From CROSSMAN
BENJAMIN TRAIL NP2 with Synthetic Stock.
'Nitro Piston 2'
Gas Ram system delivers up to 1400ft/sec with alloy pellets - 1200ft/sec with lead pellets. Has two-stage adjustable trigger, integrated sound suppression system and 3-9x32 Centrepoint 'scope.
Model BPP - Benjamin Trail NITRO PISTON® Break Barrel Air Pistol - UP to 625ft sec with alloy pellets (525ft/sec with lead) - Solid and powerful
Lighter cocking effort, more power and less recoil..
High intensity Fibre Optic front sight
Adjustable rear sight - Synthetic stock.

Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol

And here is the the gas ram system incorporated into a very powerful Air Pistol... A modern challenger for the famous BSA 'Scorpion'