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The two gun storage cabinets shown on the left are our most popular models.

The left hand cabinet is designed for five long guns however if all are fitted with scopes five will be a tight squeeze! Size 1300x250x250

The middle cabinet has an inner top compartment to store bolts and ammunition. The bottom compartment is the same as the center cabinet. Overall 1500x250x250 All cabinets are Police approved.

The right hand cabinet is actually a 5 gun 'E' Category 'Gun Safe' its overall dimensions are 1400x400x360. Currently out of stock

These are certified (when appropriately bolted down) for the storage of "B" (target pistols) "E" (Military Style Semi-Autos) and "C" (approved collector machine-guns that have been rendered inoperable by the removal of a vital part)

5 Gun model (1400x400x360)

Just received (Green Colour) SPECIAL PRICE $
These safes have certified (Australian made) locks and sliding bolts. They are reputed to be the most secure 'E' and 'C' cat safes available in NZ! 

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5 gun "E" cat (6mm) safes 
SPECIAL PRICE  (see below)
Beware of inferior safes - a check of the weight will indicate how thick the steel is, or how much has been used in the safe's construction.  Buffalo River 5 gun safes weigh in at 145+kg. They are not trying to make a lighter and less sturdy model! 
Buffalo River Deluxe Cammo Gun Bag
ONLY $49.00
Practical and strong.
This is a 'value for money' gunbag with PE foam as the basis for great protection.  Designed to carry and protect sporting rifles - with or without a scope.
The shell is 'Ballistic Nylon' and the handles have been angled to keep firearms balanced for carrying.
A short zip is built for easy access.  Internal lining is 'rip-stop' nylon and a side pocket could house the bolt, ammo, permits etc. 
Available in sizes 44" (112cm), 48" (122cm) and 52" (132cm)
Buffalo River ABS Large Pistol Case
Measurements: 22.5" x 13.5" x 5.5
NOW ONLY $99.00
Buffalo River Economy Gun Bag
ONLY $25.00!
BLACK 48" ONLY at present
Featuring a 60mm wide moulded rubber base for larger rifles or rifles fitted with bipods. Base and sides are padded with 10mm PE hi density closed cell foam. External shell is a 600 Ballistic Nylon. Internal bag features a soft synthetic fur lining.
Heavy duty Zips open the full length of the bag. The muzzle is protected by a rubber moulded end cap. On one side there is an external pocket and on the other is a full length one piece cleaning rod pocket. An adjustable sling is fitted.
This bag represents over 100years of gun-bag development and is as good as they get!
Available in sizes 44" (112cm), 48" (122cm) and 52" (132cm)
Ridgeline Deluxe Black Gun Bag
ONLY $45.00
Ample and soft Polyester protection 

Thick foam protection in this sturdy lightweight gun bag.  Serious and strong full length zip, centrally placed carry handles, detachable sling (with shoulder padding) and side pocket. Available in sizes 44" (112cm), 48" (122cm) 52" (132cm) and 54" (138cm)
Looks like the Police are 'toughening up' on the basic gun cabinet - which was originally intended to prevent 'a child or casual opportunist  thief getting access' [to firearms] We suggest gun owners take particular care to make sure their firearms are properly secured, the keys are also secured, and there are NO tools nearby that could be used to gain access. 
BLACK ONLY at present