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We have learned a great deal about spotlights and flashlights since we first started distributing them in the 1980s and we are amazed at the  incredible value and quality of modern LED flashlights. Today's models can be a tenth of the price and 50 times more efficient than 'state of the art' lights from just a few years ago.
But; - along with most things related to firearms and hunting there are some points that buyers need to be aware of. For example - lights can be too bright. . . . Read More
Buffalo River H.I.D Spotlights - Hand Held & Scope Mounted
150mm lens
1000 metre beam
Focusable reflector
Lightweight ABS plastic housing
Easy to operate switch (even in gloves)
Fused cigarette lighter plug
Works on standard 12 volt dc.
Only draws 35 watts = significantly longer battery life
Approx 1.5 hours run time from 7ah 12v battery
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