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We like to interact with our customers and to do this we handle all sales via phone, fax or email. Contact can best be made at

Under NZ law non 'face to face' sales of firearms and ammunition can only be undertaken if the purchaser obtains a letter from the Police certifying that he/she (a) has a valid Firearms License and (b) is deemed fit and proper to purchase a particular firearm or ammunition. The original of that document must be in our hands before firearms or ammunition will be dispatched. Note that 'TRACER' Ammo (ammo with a non-inert projectile) cannot be shipped in the same way as 'SPORTING' ammo' (ie ammo with an 'inert' projectile)

AIRGUNS: (All Types - including Soft-Airs)
Airguns can only be supplied to a person who is at least 18 years of age or who has a firearms license. We are happy to supply airguns on a non 'face to face' basis provided the customer can demonstrate that he/she has attained the age of 18 years, or is the holder of a firearms licence,

ALL proposed non face to face purchases of any items should initially contact

Please be aware that there are limited quantities of some of the shown specials.

If Posting Letters of anykind to us our P.O Box is 38/472 WLG

If Visiting Then our Street address is: 291 Jackson Street Petone