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LEE "Challenger" - super strong and reliable "O" frame press with all steel linkages, adjustable handle, spent primer catcher tube - includes both large and small priming arms.
Now with 'Quick-Change' Breech Lock die bushings to speed up your reloading (see bottom of page)

Extra Heavy Duty Cast Iron version $225.00 (see here)
LEE "Turret Press" - another of the LEE designed and built reloading presses that have revolutionised home and commercial reloading.  Set up the dies in the quick change turret once - no screwing dies in and out between operations or when changing calibres. Put your cartridge case in the press just once and take it out as a loaded round! Three versions are available.
Three Die - manual indexing                   $145.00                  
Four Die - automatic indexing                
Four Die - auto indexing
- and heavy cast iron construction         
$265.00 (See here)
LEE "Hand Press" - a full size reloading press that fits in the drawer. No dedicated bench needed. Ideal at home and really great to take to the range when working up a load. 
Now with 'Quick-Change' (Breech Lock) die bushings to speed up your reloading (see below)

Practical and very cheap for just $79.00!
LEE "Breech Lock" bushings. The one on the right is standard for use with LEE dies - the one on the left upgrades the locking system used by other manufacturers. This quick change system
makes die changes quick and reliable with a 1/4 of a turn!
LEE "LOADALL" - a simple to use SHOTSHELL reloading press
supplied with load data and a selection of 24 powder bushings.

Stocked in 12G -

16G and 20G also available on indent
LEE "PRO 1000" - a simple to use PROGRESSIVE  reloading press for reloading pistol ammunition.
This is the press that revolutionised pistol ammo reloading. Easy to use, efficient and very cost effective..

Stocked in 38Spl., 9mm, and .45acp
Only $345.00
Currently out of stock all cals..
The FAMOUS "Lee Loader" - for more than 50 years this little kit has been used by many thousands of shooters  to reload rifle and pistol cartridges.  Ammunition loaded with one of these kits held a world record - unsurpassed for 7 years!

Supplied in selected (limited)calibres  Only
LEE "Reloader" - the simple, easy to use, and economical "C" frame press
Strong enough for all reloading, cheap enough for all pockets.
(Does not include a priming device)